The EMPATH 2000 system indicates:

  • Rotor bar deterioration
  • Rotor eccentricity
  • Stator phase imbalance
  • Motor speed & slip
  • Gear & belt imperfections
  • Average running current, an indicator of motor torque
  • Stroke time on assemblies with defined start & stop points
  • Torsional vibration & dynamic loading
  • Bearing degradation
  • Changing friction forces

The EMPATH 2000 System consists of a laptop computer with our exclusive signal conditioning board, a 16-channel, 16-bit A/D card, and analysis software to store data and give a readout of the time and frequency signatures. The signal conditioning hardware contains isolating circuits for the voltage input.

The signal conditioning board collects data on all three phases of voltage and current, and provides MCSA-filtered signals. Also, two general-purpose voltage channels give the customer the option of collecting other data simultaneously with MCSA data.

The EMPATH 2000 utilizes a unique process to demodulate the signal from the carrier and present an unambiguous spectral display. Using normal and demodulated data permits analysis of not only the motor but also the driven equipment and the supplied power.

EMPATH 2000  

Key Benefits:  
  • Measures & analyzes electric motor current & voltage
  • Provide unique algorithms that can reliably detect the early stages of rotor bar failures in induction motors
  • Convenience of monitoring motors & machinery from a central location
  • Auxiliary channels allow acquisition & analysis of data from a wide variety of sources

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